The long-awaited 3rd studio album from Sidewinder is finally here! Timeless is the very pinnacle of Sidewinder’s works, jam-packed with 20 of the hottest and most iconic Sidewinder tunes from the past! Spanning a careful selection of Protracker gems and even a few synthesizer revivals, each track has been diligently recreated from scratch, to be presented anew and alive as high-fidelity studio versions!


It’s The Ultimate Sidewinder Album

★ ★ ★

Sidewinder’s long-awaited 3rd studio album is truly nothing short of a timeless piece of art! We carefully picked out 20 of the finest gems found worthy to be featured on this special record, and gave them new life with our renovated remastering treatment. Refined with passion and polished with great care, every song has been recreated from scratch and transformed into new high-fidelity studio versions!

Ranging from a selection of songs you heard in DX-Ball 2 and Rival Ball, to the classic Sidewinder MODs you downloaded from the web, and even a few lost synthesizer recordings, this album brings a most delicate mix of variety in the form of pure synthesizer jams – all originally written on the Ensoniq SQ-2 between 1992 and 1996!

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