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Today we reveal to you a mystery hidden within Strike A Panzai… If you already heard the Sidewinder’s previous single, you were likely gripped by the rushing orchestral segments. But what you likely did not know is that the two melodic sequences are actually part of an entirely different piece, originally left unfinished for over two decades…until now.

In response to a request from Eric himself, Zephyrean took on the venture to finish the once lost orchestral piece, revealing the sonic secrets of a story untold. The result is a spine-chilling symphonic synthesizer drama of unsettling mysteries and dark endeavours, unveiling a sound of Sidewinder you never heard before…

Concerto Tragedia, Sidewinder’s enigmatic prequel to Strike A Panzai, will be available for streaming on YouTube and digital download on Bandcamp, starting October 25, 2019. In the meantime, be sure to check out the single’s landing page for a haunting preview, an epic backstory and the option to pre-order now!


Watch out everyone! Sidewinder’s fierce new single Strike A Panzai is on the loose!

You can now stream this crazy jungle-orchestra-synthesizer-fusion of a tune on YouTube! We also invite all of you supporting Sidewinder fans to grab your digital download of the track in lossless and high quality formats on Bandcamp! 

If you think you can handle it, just head right over here!

There’s no risk at all!


If you’re reading this, you better watch out – Sidewinder is about to release an untamed beast! And by that we mean an untamed beast of a new single: Strike A Panzai!

This intense jungle-style tune takes the drum and bass genre to the next level with its heavy melodic infusion, led by a dramatic orchestral theme that will stirr your heart and soul…

For this wild beast of a release, we traced the song back to its tracker module roots from 1995, desperately trying to cage and disarm it. And when that didn’t work out, we ended up giving it our specialised reconstruction treatment, transforming it into a hot new studio remaster of a Sidewinder gem!

Take heed now – Strike A Panzai is coming September 20, 2019, available for streaming on YouTube and digital download on Bandcamp!

Until then, be sure to drop by the single’s landing page for the options to preview and pre-order right here!


We bring you the news that Sidewinder’s summer anthem Wonderfull is indeed out now!

As some of you may know, this is the original synthesizer version of the better known tracker module What Life, which was featured in the DX-Ball 2 sequel, Rival Ball. Originally written in 1996 on Eric’s Ensoniq SQ-2, What Life was the first completed version of the song, while Wonderfull made its debut in 1999 on They are in essence the very same song, but the nuances between the tracker version and the studio version still differ like night and day!

For this fine release by Sidewinder, we introduce a brand new version of Wonderfull, reviving the lost original and kicking it up a notch! In addition, we have also included the perfect remix to complement all the bouncy and exciting vibes, presenting a most serene and relaxing arrangement from Zephyrean, guaranteed to soothe your mind into tranquility.

Wonderfull is available for streaming on YouTube, while supporting fans can grab their digital download in high-quality or lossless formats on Bandcamp – all waiting for you right here!


Sidewinder is ready to enrich your life with some sweet mid-summer vibes, introducing the brilliant new single: Wonderfull!

We know you Rival Ball fans out there are gonna love this one, because Wonderfull is actually the synthesizer version of What Life – the sampled tracker module counterpart from 1996. Better yet, the song has been rewritten from scratch, providing a slightly extended track with an extra overall polish. We assure you this bouncy marveling tune will rock your summer!

Furthermore, we even have another remix coming from Zephyrean, this time providing a romantic ambient arrangement of the song – perfect for those lazy summer days, just lying out in sun!

Wonderfull will be available for streaming on YouTube and download on Bandcamp from July 26, 2019.

In the meantime, we invite you to preview and pre-order the single over here.


We’re buzzed to announce that Sidewinder’s new single Technobee is finally out! However, we also have a couple of precautions to address about this fine release:

First, we regret to say that we were unable to retrieve the lossless audio for Sidewinder’s better known 1997 remix of Technobee, meaning that we cannot distribute this track on Bandcamp. In addition, due to technical difficulties with the video production for the release, the YouTube playlist for Technobee will be delayed by one day, available from tomorrow on June 15, 2019. This means that unless any further announcement is made, Sidewinder’s 1997 remix of Technobee will be exclusive to the YouTube release of the single.

In the case we would be able to retrieve the raw audio for the track in question, we do have the ability to retroactively add the missing track to the release on Bandcamp. In this scenario, if you already purchased the single previously, the new track will be available immediately at no additional cost.

As for the single itself, we’ve still got you covered with a jam-packed release of pure nectarous goodness, headed by the revised revival of Sidewinder’s original Technobee from 1996, plus another remix and a bonus track!

We can’t wait for you to hear all the good stuff we packed into this single, so go ahead and check it out right here!


As warmer days finally embrace the northern hemisphere of the world, Sheep Hour Records has you covered for the new season with our upcoming new single – and it’s none other than Sidewinder’s signature track: Technobee!

The bee song was originally written in 1996 on the Ensoniq SQ-2 synthesizer, but it was never finished as a complete track. Although a MOD version was created by sampling the sequences from the synth, all the song data on the synthesizer was soon after erased in the incident of a memory crash, making Technobee but one of multiple Sidewinder songs that were permanently lost. But with the aid of the MOD version and his Ensoniq SQ-R sound module, Zephyrean has brought the song back to life, diving into its very essence to bring out a renewed and completed version!

We’re packing this single up with 4 nectarous tracks, including the revived original mix and the hard-hitting 1997 remix + 2 additional surprises – all available for your enjoyment on YouTube and Bandcamp, starting June 14, 2019.

We know your ears are itching to hear the good stuff, so we went ahead and prepared a little preview for you!


You may already have heard the tracker version of Arisan (Crossroad) from 1993, which was given a limited feature in the cult-hit artillery game Scorched Tanks on the Commodore Amiga. Perhaps you even heard the album master from Sidewinder’s debut record, Future Shock 2. But we guarantee you have never before heard the song come alive this crisp and clear!

Sidewinder’s new single is out now, available for streaming on YouTube and download in lossless and high quality formats on Bandcamp. As an added treat, we have also included a complementing remaster of the original 1992 version of the song!


We are excited to announce our next release from Sidewinder! Taken from the archive of Sidewinder’s old tracker modules, Arisan has been given our special reconstruction treatment, being transformed from an 8-bit tracker module into a true studio quality recording – all while still retaining the character of the original composition.

The new single will feature two fully remastered versions of the song, the original version of the latter also being previously unreleased!

Arisan is available for streaming on YouTube and download on Bandcamp from March 22, 2019.


We’re launching a Year End promo contest, giving you the chance to win a 50% off discount code to apply when buying
DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection on Bandcamp!

To enter the contest, simply join our Sidewinder newsletter by submitting your email on the contest page, and you will be included in the drawing of 5 winners!

The contest will end on December 31, 2018, and the winners will be emailed their discount codes shortly after, all of which will be declared on our Twitter.


We are pleased to announce the official release of DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection! The songs are now available for streaming on YouTube, so head right over and enjoy some fine Sidewinder tunes, rewritten from scratch in studio quality, true to the character and sound of the originals. Be sure to also get your digital download of the EP over at Bandcamp, available in both high quality and lossless formats.


Sheep Hour Records proudly presents our first release: DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection – an extended play featuring recreated revisions of the 4 songs you heard in the initial release of DX-Ball 2, back in 1998. What better way to kick things off than by celebrating the 20th anniversary of the PC game that became Sidewinder’s biggest breakthrough!

For this exclusive soundtrack release by Sidewinder, each song has been reconstructed from scratch within an unrestricted sonic environment, using the very same synthesizer that produced the sounds you would find in the respective tracker modules. As a result, you can now enjoy these songs as recreated revisions, preserving the clarity and stereo spectrum of the sounds you only heard as 8-bit monophonic samples.

> > > Check out the preview on YouTube  < < <

DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection is available from December 14, 2018 via Bandcamp.

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