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Presenting: Arisan

We are excited to announce our next release from Sidewinder! Taken from the archive of Sidewinder’s old tracker modules, Arisan has been given our special reconstruction treatment, being transformed from an 8-bit tracker module into a true studio quality recording – all while still retaining the character of the original composition.

The new single will feature two fully remastered versions of the song, the original version of the latter also being previously unreleased!

Arisan is available for streaming on YouTube and download on Bandcamp from March 22, 2019.

Win a 50% off discount code!

We just launched a Year End promo contest, giving you the chance to win a 50% discount code to apply when buying DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection on Bandcamp!

To enter the contest, simply join our Sidewinder newsletter by submitting your email on the contest page, and you will be included in the drawing of 5 winners!

The contest will end on December 31, 2018, and the winners will be emailed their discount codes shortly after, all of which will be declared on our Twitter.

DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection has launched!

We are pleased to announce the official release of DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection! The songs are now available for streaming on YouTube, so head right over and enjoy some fine Sidewinder tunes, rewritten from scratch in studio quality, true to the character and sound of the originals. Be sure to also get your digital download of the EP over at Bandcamp, available in both high quality and lossless formats.

Happy Friday and sheepy listening!

Presenting: DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection

Sheep Hour Records proudly presents our first release: DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection – an extended play featuring recreated revisions of the 4 songs you heard in the initial release of DX-Ball 2, back in 1998. What better way to kick things off than by celebrating the 20th anniversary of the PC game that became Sidewinder’s biggest breakthrough!

For this exclusive soundtrack release by Sidewinder, each song has been reconstructed from scratch within an unrestricted sonic environment, using the very same synthesizer that produced the sounds you would find in the respective tracker modules. As a result, you can now enjoy these songs as recreated revisions, preserving the clarity and stereo spectrum of the sounds you only heard as 8-bit monophonic samples.

DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection is available from December 14, 2018 via Bandcamp.

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